I’ll Be Happy When…

Do you ever feel like you will be happy when…this or that happens and then that thing happens and you have another milestone you have to reach.  For years I have done this and I am trying to break the cycle.  I am very fortunate that my new Love is willing to discuss this habit and other thinking patterns that I need to work on.  In college I thought I would be happy when I graduated and got a job.  When I graduated and began my business I thought I would be happy when I was making $50K per year.  When I was earning $50K per year I thought I would be happy once I get married.  You get the picture.

I know enough about the Law of Attraction to know that you have to be happy where you are.  I also know that outside circumstances like money or jobs or marriages won’t make you happy unless you already are happy.  However, I have been struggling with this lately.  My new love is so laid back and live in the moment and relaxed that it sometimes helps to calm me and other times it gets me so worked up.  I know that we will get married and spend our lives together but I worry that his laid back attitude won’t get our goals achieved.  I want to clarify that he is not lazy – just goes at his own pace.  I know it is on me to keep myself happy and to keep calm but it doesn’t always work that way.  I will freak out thinking that everything needs to get done and that we have to be productive at all times in order to achieve our goals and be happy.  I have a hard time relaxing and just being without guilt.

Any suggestions?