Prosperity Game Day 5

Today $5,000 is deposited into my imaginary bank account.  Today I would contribute all $5,000 to my Roth IRA for my 2018 contribution.  This may not sounds as fun as a trip to Thailand or NYC but it would give me peace of mind.  I have been following Dave Ramsey for years and love him!!  If you are not familiar with Dave Ramsey he is a personal finance advocate.  He has created 7 Baby Steps for people to follow to achieve financial freedom.  One of the steps along the way is to save 15% of your income for retirement.  Currently 15% of my income would be more than $5,000 but the max that you can put into a Roth IRA for 2018 is $5,500.  Roth IRA’s grow tax free!!  This is one of the very few ways to get tax free growth in the US.


Prosperity Game Day 4

Today I get another deposit into my imaginary bank account of $4,000!  I have been thinking all day today about how I would spend this.  The trip to Thailand that I purchased with my $3,000 deposit made me really happy.  I thought about it and got into a really good feeling vibration – that is the point of the game!  To make yourself feel really really good and to know what it is you really want.  I have always thought that I am more of an experience person than a stuff person.  I would much rather go on a trip or get a massage or spend money on someone else than buy items.  When I was younger my Dad would tidy up the house and he would always throw things out and it would make me so mad but now I get it!  I get a high from donating items or discarding things that are no longer useful.

It just hit me!!  I would use the $4,000 to purchase plane tickets to NYC for December 15th.  I would buy tickets for my Dad and my brother.  NYC at Christmas time is absolutely amazing!!  When I was younger I would go with my Dad for a day into the city and it was magical.  We would go see the tree at Rockefeller Center.  I was always amazed by how big it is!  We would go see the Rockettets in the Christmas Spectacular on Broadway.  One year we went into Trump Towers to look at the shops and we actually saw Donald Trump!  This was probably in 1996 – before The Apprentice and way before he ran for office.  I actually got his autograph on a crumpled up Dunkin Donuts napkin – wish I still had it!  My brother was too young to experience any of this so I would love to be able to take him too.  I would rent a cute Air BNB in Soho with beautiful brick walls inside.  It would be a lot of fun and a great bonding experience for my family!

Prosperity Game Day 3

I missed a few days of the Prosperity Game and couldn’t decide if I should skip ahead or continue in sequential order, I decided to go in sequential order.  Today $3,000 was deposited into my imaginary bank account.  I would purchase a ticket to Thailand.  I just did a quick search and a plane ticket to Bangkok would be about $1000 – that’s actually much cheaper than I thought it would be!  I spend the rest of the money on a beautiful resort in the jungle.  My room would be spacious and have lovely jungle and water views.  It would have a big bath tub.  The resort would offer yoga classes, meditations and a spa.  I would book an excursion to see elephants and to visit a refuge camp to volunteer.  I would meet an amazing man at the resort and we would share a few meals together.  It would be a trip that I would never forget.

The Prosperity Game Day 2

$2,000 was deposited into my imaginary bank account today!  In real life if I came across an extra $2,000 I would add it to my Emergency Fund because I had to dip into that this month for an Emergency. (Exactly why its there!) But I think I am supposed to spend the money because more is always coming.  So, I would use this money to pay off my Dads car loan.  The last 10 years have been rough for my Dad emotionally and financially. I know he only has a few more payments left on his car and I would love to be able to pay it off for him.  It would give me such happiness to know that he is taken care of.  This game is fun!!

The Prosperity Game Day 1

I recently read Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks and loved the book!  Its all about the Law of Attraction and how to get it to work for you.  They have 22 different exercises to raise your vibration.  The higher your vibration the better!  You can only attract things that are on the same vibration as you.  One of the exercises or games is called The Prosperity Game.  Here is what you do

  • Establish an imaginary checking account
  • On Day 1, $1,000 is deposited into your checking account, on Day 2, $2,000 and so on
  • Write out a check or checks each day spending the money on something you would enjoy
  • Think about the item and get that good feeling
  • Try to play daily to expand your imagination


Ok so today I will spend my $1,000 on a massage.  My body feels tense and I know this will help.  I will opt for the 90 minute massage.  ($150)  After that I will go get my car washed.  ($20)  After that I will call a friend and we will plan a trip to Siesta Key.  I will use the rest of the money to book our hotel room and pay for the gas to get there.  ($830)

That feels good!  And was fun!  Try it.  The point is to have fun!  And not hoard money because you know more is coming tomorrow and an even greater amount is coming tomorrow.  It forces you to trust in the universe!