I believe intentions are somewhere between goals and affirmations.  If I set an intention I think I intend to head in that direction with my life.  For the last year or I have practiced rewriting my intentions each day in my journal.  I haven’t always been consistent but when I am in the habit of doing it first thing in the morning it helps to set the tone for the day and reminds me what I am striving for.  But if it feels like something I have to do or I am just rewriting them to cross it off my to do list then it doesn’t feel nearly as good so I skip those days.  I wait for the days when I am aligned to rewrite them, and luckily that is most days.

I find it most peaceful and motivating for me to meditate and then rewrite the intentions as I am sipping my first cup of morning coffee.  With dogs, and alarms and early meetings and everything else that doesn’t always happen.  But when it does it is magical.  Sometimes as I write each one I shut my eyes for 30 seconds and visual the completion of that intention and how that would make me feel.  I can usually lock in to the warm, inspiring ,juicy good feeling.  If I can’t then I rethink the intention that doesn’t get my good feelings flowing.  Typically that means it is something that I think I should want but really don’t.  If that is the case then I stop practicing that intention.

I currently have 7 intentions.  I find between 6 and 9 to be a manageable number of things to be focusing on.  Here are my current intentions:

  1. I am an exceptional wife to the man of my dreams.
  2. I am honest.
  3. I weigh 119 and have 23% body fat.
  4. I manage $30 million in assets.
  5. I am kind and loving to myself and others.
  6. I have a healthy relationship with alcohol.
  7. I am kind and loving to myself and others.

Do you set intentions?