Hello Monday!

We had a great weekend!  We spent the majority of it outside and it was just what I needed!  Fresh air and sunshine are the best.

On Friday evening after work we met some friends at the beach for snacks, cocktails and sunset.  It was a really pretty sunset – I think it had something to do with the Saharan dust (another 2020 surprise!)  It was nice to socialize but still feel safe because we were outdoors and not sitting too close together.

Beach Friday

Saturday morning I was up and out early. Our friends invited us on their boat and I wanted to squeeze in a quick 2 mile run before we left.

So grateful for friends with a boat.  Boat days are the best!  Again we had beautiful weather and no rain – which is rare this time of year!  The sun was very strong and I burned my back and chest a bit even though I reapplied SO MANY TIMES!

Boat SatBoat2

We stayed out to watch sunset and it was great!  I felt so relaxed after a day on the water.  We are planning on buying a boat in 2021 or 2022 and this just got me even more excited for it!  After the boat we got Taco Bell on the way home and then crashed.

Sunday was a pretty low key day.  I did some stuff around the house – like laundry and cleaning.  I also finished a book and started a new puzzle.  The only time I left the house was for dinner.  We ended the weekend with some delicious Sushi!61507427830__CF3B8DB6-CBFC-4B45-A30D-D5245AB548DE

The first sushi place we went to was take out only.  In our state cases have started rising again and some restaurants and businesses are closing again or limiting hours.  We shall see how this plays out in the future.  Hopefully it ends soon!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Thursday Thoughts

Hi!  Thought I would pop in with a few things that are on my mind.

  1.  Covid cases are spiking in my state and my Covid anxiety is back!  I was panicked in the end of March and beginning of April but then it slowly dissipated as the number of cases weren’t as bad as first predicted.  But now they are going back up.  A guy that I am friends with on FB has Covid and reading his posts is freaking me out!  His girlfriend and daughter also had it and rebounded without any issues but its still alarming!
  2. Did a bunch of Ab stuff at the gym yesterday and it hurts to cough or sneeze today! I love knowing I worked my muscles and feeling sore but this is a bit much:)  Guess this is a sign I need to work my abs more.  As I am typing this eating string cheese and having a glass of wine….
  3. Tomorrow night I will see some friends and family that I haven’t seen since mid March.  Maybe it is stupid for us to get together as cases rise but we planned this about 3 weeks ago.  We shall see….  I know my mental health needs to see people and laugh.
  4. Yesterday we found out you can buy the last season of Schitt’s Creek on Amazon Prime and we did it.  Total impulse purchase but worth it.  It will be free on Netflix eventually but there still isn’t a release date.  It was $25…not gonna make or break us.
  5. We made these  Chocolate Lava Cakes     for Fathers Day and they are so good!  You really can’t go wrong with lots of butter, sugar and chocolate!  I prep them ahead of time and then preheat the oven as we sit down for dinner to cook them.  They are warm and gooey and the best topped with ice cream. We may have made two extra to have the next night.

Ok thats all I got today!  Hope you are having a good one:)

Monday Thoughts

Today has been a weird day!  Usually I love Mondays and jump out of bed to get started – but not today.  I am trying to be patient with myself and not push or force myself to be productive.  Luckily today is a very flexible work day and I can do this.  I have been listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks lately, especially around the topic of productivity and feeling worthy.  I am trying to fix my thinking that I have to be productive at all times.  I struggle with this because I beat myself up if I am lazy.  HELP!  Does anyone else struggle with this?  If you just do whatever you feel like whenever you feel like it, how will you ever get things accomplished?  I know when I am able to surrender and go with the flow things happen faster and easier, but getting into that mindset is where I struggle.  It has to do with proving myself and not thinking I am enough or good enough the way I am.  All my life I have pushed myself to be better – so it is hard to accept myself.

My fiance is much better at relaxing and feeling worthy.  I watch him and am sometimes envious!  But I am learning from him.  You are enough just as you are – he tells me that all the time.  I just need to remember it more often.

I know I am rambling but just wanted to share these thoughts.  If anyone has any tips or ideas I’m all ears!

Feeling Blah

The world is crazy right now.  Covid-19 pandemic, Riots, Protests…Its NUTS!  I am feeling a lot of tension in the air and everything feels very heavy.  It feels like the country is divided and everyone is choosing sides.  People are very easily angered.  When Covid first got serious I thought it was something that would unite us as a country and world.  The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 were horrific but I felt like our country pulled together then and became stronger.  That is not the case today.  The protests and riots regarding race in our country are another huge dividing situation.  The election is in 5 months and I fear that will only make things worse.

My fiance and I have been bickering and arguing.  Is it because everything is so crazy right now?  Or is there a bigger problem?  We will be talking soon and hopefully clearing up a few things.  I need to be open with my thoughts and feelings.  Its something I am working on.  I can say that I am mad but its hard for me to say I’m hurt or scared.  I have been very hard on him recently, being rude to him instead of addressing things properly.  I know this hurts him and the last thing I want to do is hurt him – he is the kindest soul.

I hope you are having a better day than I am!  I am going to head out for a long walk and turn my attitude around!