I’m in love and want to tell the world!!  I have found the most caring and thoughtful human.  He is kind and sweet and a really, really good person!  Its funny because I knew him for about 3 years before we started dating and would see him every week.  However he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend when we first met.  But I did go to lunch with him after we first met and I remember leaving lunch thinking “Wow if I were single I would totally want him”

It all happened very quickly but doesn’t feel that way!  We moved in together after only 2 months of dating but it just felt right.  We have been together about 5 months now and it feels like its been years – in a good way!

He is teaching me so many things!  For one he is showing me how to slow down and enjoy life.  Not everything is a rush or a task to be completed.  I am always trying to be in the moment and more present and he is definitely helping with that! I’m also learning to be more compassionate and open minded, everything isn’t black or white.  He loves and accepts me the way I am – he isn’t trying to change me and he is teaching me to accept myself and love myself.  I am prone to beating myself up and its something I struggle with.

His family has welcomed me with open arms.  His parents live close by so we spend a lot of time with them.  Its nice to be included!  My family life has changed a lot in the last ten years or so after my parents got divorced.  I still see and spend a lot of time with my Dad but its not the same so this feels really good.

I know we will have an exciting and happy future.  I have no doubt that he is the man for me.


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