My first Bumble date was fun!  But he wasn’t for me.  I met him in my town at a local bar.  I was meeting a friend for dinner after and I only had about 1 hour or so to meet him.  I thought it was the perfect set up because I wasn’t stuck there for too long if he sucked.  When I got there he seemed to be slightly tipsy, I figured he was nervous.  But he drank very quickly.  That is not something that I need in my life with the struggles that I have had with over consuming alcohol and trying to moderate.  He was very fun!  He suggested that my friend come meet us and have a drink with us.  So she did and then we ended up hanging out all night. But we both ended up drinking too much and that is not the kind of relationship I want going forward.  I want someone who can have a few drinks and stop and who doesn’t need alcohol.  These are the habits that I am trying to relearn and I would like a partner that already does this.

The next day he texted me asking to go to dinner.  At first I thought it would be okay to give him another chance.  I thought maybe he wouldn’t be nervous and neither of us would drink as much on the second date.  But after thinking about it I thought that was a bad idea and our texting just kind of fizzled out.  he didn’t try too hard and I just let it go.  About 3 weeks late he asked if I was still interested in dinner.  I said sure and we had planned on going out on Sunday night.  On Friday I was out with friends and he invited him to meet for a drink, I said that I couldn’t but if he came to our area to stop by.  He never responded and then I didn’t hear from him until 6pm on sunday.  It was strange.  I didn’t respond.

Dating is helping me learn what I do and don’t want in a partner.  I want someone that makes an effort to see me and follows through on date plans.

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