Home Sick

I am sick.  I think I am sick of life.  I feel like I am in a rut.  I need something to be excited about.  I just feel blah.  I started this blog today because it was something that excited me. I love the Abraham Hicks quote, “If you’re not excited about it, it’s not the right path”  And I’m trying to follow that.  Life is too short just to go through the motions.  But I don’t know what changes to take.  I am 33, own a business and got out of a 10 year relationship last year.  I am fairly free.  I don’t have a husband or kids tying me down and my business is flexible.  Do I let my leased apartment go and travel?  Do I join an online dating site and look for my soul mate?  Do I foster kids that need me?  Or do I just wait for this fever and sickness to pass and go back to the status quo?  I have been overeating and over-drinking, signs to me that things aren’t right with my life.  I am looking for fulfillment.  Trip to Africa?  Sell my possessions and live out of my car?  Not sure what to do or where to look for what I am searching for.

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