Hey hey!!  Finally went back to the gym today after taking Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off because I wasn’t feeling too great.  Stomach bug and complete exhaustion.  But I was able to have a few glasses of wine last night so I figured it was time to get my ass back to the gym!  I did the workout below using 65lbs.  It was tough after being sick!  Or maybe it was just tough.

Every 5 minutes for 5 rounds:

200m run



Front Squats

Over the Bar Burpees

Going out with friends from the gym tonight.  I am so sick of my clothes and want to find something cute to wear.  However at the moment I am eating an enormous bowl of rainbow sherbet.  That should totally help before I go clothes shopping.  Oh well!

Saw something on Facebook last night that really upset me.  It was a picture of one of my good girlfriends and her husband at dinner with my ex-boyfriend.  Over the years they became friends but they were my friends first.  Am I being childish?!  When I type it out it sounds petty but it hurt.

Ok I am off to look for a cute outfit for tonight!

Five for Friday

I love Friday!  Even though I have my own business and can make my own hours and often work weekends I still love the feel of Friday.  Its like the last day of school before summer…okay maybe not that exciting but close.

  1.  I am excited to see a friend tomorrow that I met at my gym, Iron Tribe.  She moved away to take pursue a Nutrition Degree but tomorrow we get to reconnect!
  2. Its been absolutely beautiful here!  Low 70s and crystal blue sky.
  3.  A friend invited me over for dinner and made this awesome Smoky Bacon Chili from PaleOMG.  It was super good!
  4. I am obsessed with the Gilmore Girls…I know the show came out about 15 years ago but for some reason I am loving it now.  I love that I can put it on and do other things around the house, I don’t have to actually sit and watch.  I have about 1 more season to go, then I am going to be CRUSHED!  Did they come out with a newer version?  I thought I heard that.  I hope it doesn’t suck.
  5. I started The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society yesterday.  Its another book that has gotten rave reviews.  I’ll let you know my thoughts!


Home Sick

I am sick.  I think I am sick of life.  I feel like I am in a rut.  I need something to be excited about.  I just feel blah.  I started this blog today because it was something that excited me. I love the Abraham Hicks quote, “If you’re not excited about it, it’s not the right path”  And I’m trying to follow that.  Life is too short just to go through the motions.  But I don’t know what changes to take.  I am 33, own a business and got out of a 10 year relationship last year.  I am fairly free.  I don’t have a husband or kids tying me down and my business is flexible.  Do I let my leased apartment go and travel?  Do I join an online dating site and look for my soul mate?  Do I foster kids that need me?  Or do I just wait for this fever and sickness to pass and go back to the status quo?  I have been overeating and over-drinking, signs to me that things aren’t right with my life.  I am looking for fulfillment.  Trip to Africa?  Sell my possessions and live out of my car?  Not sure what to do or where to look for what I am searching for.

My Review of Bittersweet by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

I have seen this book all over Goodreads and To Read List for years and I think I’ve even checked it out of the library a few times but never actually read it til now.  And I am very happy that I finally did!  The book follows two very different college roommates Genevera (Ev) and Mabel.  Ev is from a very wealthy family.  The two girls spend the summer at Ev’s family summer camp and unravel many family secrets.  Kind of reminded me of the Kennedys or some fancy rich family with a summer compound.  I’m glad I finally read this.  I gave it 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads and I’m a standard 3 out of 5 rater.